Tuesday, September 28, 2010


L and I have decided to start looking for a bigger place to live. This is exciting, our current abode is jam packed with books and the detritus of two pack rats. I am looking forward to more space, more storage, and perhaps a new neighbourhood to get to know.
This is in the midst of my job search. In a way it is good to have something else to focus on. I have been applying for oodles of jobs (45 in the last few weeks) and have received no responses. It's a little disheartening, especially since I feel that I have so much to offer. It's deflating, after finishing my MA, handing in my thesis, and feeling quite educated and qualified, to find out maybe I am not. I have also heard that some of the jobs I have applied for have received over 1000 resum├ęs.: how can I compete in a job market like that? It's hard not to feel down about this, but I know that things will work out.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It happened two months ago now, but I haven't posted any photos, so here are a few. We had awesome photographers and they captured the day just perfectly.
I don't want to get all sappy here, but it really was an amazing and special day. I loved that most of my family was there to share it, and it just felt really "us"... and not some magazine version of a wedding (although, funnily enough, our wedding is now going to be featured in this magazine).
I wore my mother's dress which was also my grandmother's dress--took a lot of the wedding outfit pressure off knowing I had something meaningful to me and not some thousand dollar strapless, pouffy dress completely unsuited for my 5"2 body. Anyway, yes, it was fabulous and while I never thought getting married was all that important, I am really, really glad we did it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's been a while....

Here's why:
I finally finished my thesis! It feels amazing to be done something I have been working towards for the past 2 years. But then I sort of feel like now what? It's sort of anti-climactic.

I have a back-log of photos to post since we got a new camera this summer, but I will start by posting a few photos from my delightful long weekend. L and I and a friend went hiking and there was a cornucopia of different fungi. Very cool, and very fun to spy through the forest. I feel lucky to be able to get out of the city and into the woods like this.