Friday, June 25, 2010

Cat love

The black one is so mean and nasty usually, he often attacks the white one who is so lovely she responds by licking and grooming him. I came home from errands today to see them sweetly sharing the cat bed.
Many wedding preparations happening. I don't want to make this blog into a wedding blog, but seriously, there are just so many little things to get done. It's fine though. Things are under control. I picked up my wedding dress (which was my mother's, and grandmother's) from the cleaners today and it took my breath away. It looks beautiful, brighter, less musty smelling and they got many of the little stains out, the ones that remain are just there and that's life and nobody better say anything to me about them.
This is not a bad time right now, not at all. Things are happening and will be happening for a while, it's a busy summer. And then I have to get a job, yikes!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy times

Very busy these days. Not to get to girly and wedding-y, but with less than three weeks until the big day there is lots to do. These photos were taken at city hall, from when I went to go get our marriage license. Crazy. Our home is in the bottom photo. City Hall is a super cool, futuristic looking building, the kind of 1960's view of the future. It was designed by Finnish architect Viljo Revell and I love it. I had never had a chance to go inside, so it was kind of a delight to have some business to take care of in there.

I haven't got much writing work done lately but I am not feeling too bad about that. I knew this was going to happen, and really, I think I am mostly done anyway. Just need to write a conclusion and that will be better done after feedback from my supervisor.

Life is pretty good these days. Busy, but there is an end in sight and that end will be an awesome party. Very excited.
We've decided to go to San Francisco a few weeks after the wedding. We are going for two weeks and also want to hit up a beachy town too so any suggestions are much appreciated.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I felt compelled to update this mostly unread by anyone blog. Life has been busy in good ways: an awesome week-long visit from my mum who helped me with wedding preparations and attended my bridal shower, we had a super nice time. With all my many siblings it was probably the first time since I was three years old that I didn't have to share her with anyone. It was awesome. In addition to the wedding work, we spa-ed, we beached, we ate out, we shopped, we sampled many wines, and strolled around the city.
In the meantime, our car was written off because of the incident with the deer. We bought a new one this weekend, what a weird thing that is, dealing with used car salesmen.
No photos, I really need to get a new camera, my point and shoot is crap and the rechargeable batteries die within hours of being charged.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This past Friday night (date night!) L and I decided spontaneously to go to Toronto Island for a picnic. I packed a quick dinner and we rode our bikes down to the ferry terminal. After the short boat ride we rode our bikes around the island, stopping for a quick swim, and had a delightful picnic. We also rode our bikes on the paths that surround the houses on the island. The houses there are so magical, no roads, just a path, and cats everywhere. The houses are sweet little cottages, so beautiful. I would love to live there, although I am sure the winters would get dreary, and bringing groceries home would be a huge job. I bet, however, that the pluses outweigh the minuses.

It was such lovely evening and we talked of making it a summer Friday date night ritual. It's easy to forget how putting a little effort in to do something can be so rewarding. Geez, because I am working at home writing, I could go for days without leaving the house.... yikes.

I've been getting a lot of use out of my newly fixed-up $15 bike. I love it, and it's very fast. And it was fun to ride around the island without the threat of cars.