Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy times

Very busy these days. Not to get to girly and wedding-y, but with less than three weeks until the big day there is lots to do. These photos were taken at city hall, from when I went to go get our marriage license. Crazy. Our home is in the bottom photo. City Hall is a super cool, futuristic looking building, the kind of 1960's view of the future. It was designed by Finnish architect Viljo Revell and I love it. I had never had a chance to go inside, so it was kind of a delight to have some business to take care of in there.

I haven't got much writing work done lately but I am not feeling too bad about that. I knew this was going to happen, and really, I think I am mostly done anyway. Just need to write a conclusion and that will be better done after feedback from my supervisor.

Life is pretty good these days. Busy, but there is an end in sight and that end will be an awesome party. Very excited.
We've decided to go to San Francisco a few weeks after the wedding. We are going for two weeks and also want to hit up a beachy town too so any suggestions are much appreciated.

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  1. so glad you guys decided to go to san francisco! i'll have many suggestions for you.
    as for beachy towns in the area, why don't you just try to find that secret beach that dave eggers talks about in AHWOSG? he almost gives directions on how to get there.