Monday, June 14, 2010


I felt compelled to update this mostly unread by anyone blog. Life has been busy in good ways: an awesome week-long visit from my mum who helped me with wedding preparations and attended my bridal shower, we had a super nice time. With all my many siblings it was probably the first time since I was three years old that I didn't have to share her with anyone. It was awesome. In addition to the wedding work, we spa-ed, we beached, we ate out, we shopped, we sampled many wines, and strolled around the city.
In the meantime, our car was written off because of the incident with the deer. We bought a new one this weekend, what a weird thing that is, dealing with used car salesmen.
No photos, I really need to get a new camera, my point and shoot is crap and the rechargeable batteries die within hours of being charged.


  1. This blog is read by someone! Ahem...hahhaa

    So nice to spend time with your mama--u save up your pennies for a new camera missy...

  2. Awww, thanks Jill! Your blog is way more fun... food and babies, what more could I want?

  3. I'm reading too Jenny - I just don't always leave a comment. I love that you got to have your Mum all to yourself. Awesome. Anne