Friday, June 25, 2010

Cat love

The black one is so mean and nasty usually, he often attacks the white one who is so lovely she responds by licking and grooming him. I came home from errands today to see them sweetly sharing the cat bed.
Many wedding preparations happening. I don't want to make this blog into a wedding blog, but seriously, there are just so many little things to get done. It's fine though. Things are under control. I picked up my wedding dress (which was my mother's, and grandmother's) from the cleaners today and it took my breath away. It looks beautiful, brighter, less musty smelling and they got many of the little stains out, the ones that remain are just there and that's life and nobody better say anything to me about them.
This is not a bad time right now, not at all. Things are happening and will be happening for a while, it's a busy summer. And then I have to get a job, yikes!


  1. Only cats would cuddle in 35C temps.

    I wish I was there to help with your wedding errands! I can't wait for pics.

  2. LOVE the banner. i also love the selective photographing of "L". thankyou, balloon king.
    those effin' cats, dude.