Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Party Time

Confetti System kills me. I mean seriously. Makes me want to plan many parties and attempt to create such awesome decorations.

Makes me wish that the greatest store Toronto has ever seen hasn't closed. RIP Balloon King. Hmm, I see that they are having a warehouse sale to get rid of the last of their stuff. Hmmm. Perhaps, now that I have a basement, and thus storage, I should stock up on decorations? That may sound like the musings of a crazy person, but I'm serious.

I leave you with these glorious and ridiculous Balloon King decorations that we used instead of table numbers at our wedding.

I should be packing. Or applying for a job. But here I am blogging about party decorations. This probably surprises no one who knows me.


  1. But party decorations are awesome! Especially all the Balloon King ones I have seen.

  2. Jobs are overrated.