Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well, it was all fine. I met some good people and heard some good papers which are already proving to be fruitful to my writing and thinking. Good work. Even though I consider myself an extrovert, man is it tiring and intimidating to be "on" for so much time and talk to so many people I don't know. Geesh. But ultimately I am very glad to have gone.
But, home now and it is lovely. LOVE Toronto. Writing is going well and I am happy. I feel like it was a few months ago that I really started choosing to be happy and content with my life. My own cognitive behavioural therapy and it really worked. Now I think "How could I not be content with my life and where I am at?" I have gotten better about not having an immediate negative response to things, and thinking through my responses to life. And I am happy, it's nice to have made these discoveries about myself and life. Okay, enough psychologizing. In other news, I made another big batch of homemade BBQ sauce (for tofu) and it is delish. Hungry for dinner already.


  1. Oh Jenny - so glad I had a pause in my day to read your blog. So inspiring !!!! And, now I am hungry for dinner - your dinner. Anne

  2. I'd like to hear more about this bbq sauce...