Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blood, sweat, and ink

I was knocked out with my second cold of the year, hence my absence. I am feeling better now though and enjoying the sun streaming through the wide-open windows. It's 18 degrees! Amazing. Spring (is it Spring?) feels so glorious after winter here. On the west coast I didn't notice the seasons as much as I do here. I became obsessed with checking the weather every morning after moving to a wintery climate... it's important to know what the wind chill is, or conversely, in the summer, it's important to know how humid it will be. Well, important to me anyway.

So, as promised, I am posting some of the fruits of our labours in the printing room. The chief librarian has asked us create a set of cards for the library, so we have been printing book and printing related cards. It's pretty fun since we've been given most of the creative control, and he's pretty willing to go with most of our design ideas.

Above is a proof, below are some finished products.


  1. oooh, are they selling those?? They are great.

  2. Hey, thanks... yeah, they will be selling packs of 5 different cards, we are working on the next couple of designs now. It's pretty fun.