Thursday, March 25, 2010

Something to do

I have been trying to do more with my time. I have been spending many of my evenings recently doing a little painting or collaging. I am working on starting another mail-art book with a friend of mine. Already have a second one going with my friend D in the U.K. This one is to send to my friend on the west coast. I find it is a nice activity to do and when there is someone else holding me a little accountable it feels like I have an audience for it and it makes me want to get stuff done, and do a nice job. Part of why sometimes I feel like not making art/crafts is because I feel like, Why? What for? But it is for me, that should be reason enough, because it feels good to make something.
I am lucky enough to have a fairly easy life right now, and while I am in a time of transition, and that side of things is stressful, I really want to do things I enjoy in this time, to live in the moment (as they say), to appreciate where I am at, right now.

1 comment:

  1. I love the therapeutic nature of just playing with colours and lines. Lately I've been filling my Moleskine with stacks and stacks of buildings.