Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Long Weekend

A fabulous long weekend. Just the right amount of busy and relaxing times: felt productive and rested. These photos don't show it very well, but the weather was phenomenal. Yesterday we watched the outdoor thermometer climb to 32 degrees celsius. It was beautiful. The park on Saturday was fuller than I have ever seen it except for big events. It felt like the whole city was outside.
I love these two new stores side by side each other on Queen west. Art History has a strange and interesting assortment of old timey things alongside small art editions and magazines. The Melissa has a carefully and adorably curated collection of old timey things.
Today I got started early as I wanted to prepare more for a presentation I am doing on Thursday which I was having silly nightmares about. I have to remind myself I actually enjoy sharing my research with an audience.

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