Monday, April 12, 2010


Ahh, nice weekend, busy but satisfying. We had a surprise party for a family friend and she was indeed surprised and it was amazing. We brought her a gorgeous flower arrangement in an old mason jar done by Coriander Girl. I meant to take a photo before we went but was too frazzled and rushed: we packed a lot in on Saturday. I am so excited that she is doing the wedding flowers.

Today I had a delightful brunch with a good friend at Saving Grace, where this hilarious celebrity was eating beside us. A little distracting. Now, I need to get to work on a conference paper that has had to be condensed to the point that I have no idea if I am even saying anything at all. Hard not to wonder what the point of the time and expense of traveling to Boston is, but I am trying to think positively that I will make some good connections and hopefully be inspired by some of the presentations.


  1. I would be distracted too! I'd be watching, waiting for him to do something small and hilarious.

    I'm counting down the days til peonies.

  2. Lovely flowers!! There are only a few shops in Ottawa that have flowers like that out in buckets - luckily one of them is two blocks from my place! Thanks for the link to Coriander Girl - I'll have to check it out when I'm in TO. Boston will be worth it cause it's . . . Boston!