Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Getting a lot of work done today, but now it's 5pm and I am ready to be done, although for some reason I feel like I should keep working. This is the problem of being a student (or working from home in general I suppose), you feel like you could always be working, or that you always should be working. I feel alternately like I have accomplished so much on the thesis and then that I have accomplished so little. Sometimes I feel both at once.

Had a wonderful video chat with some far away family last night and it was just so nice. Then today I ate my sandwich lunch while having a video chat with a far away good friend. Family on the Pacific and my friend on the Atlantic and me landlocked in between. I love modern technology. Except I wonder how confusing it is for my two-year-old nephew who sometimes asks me to "get out of the computer" or tries to pass me his toys and snacks through the screen.

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  1. Love the video chats! Especially with the wee ones. :)